Heroes of Chaos has returned! http://www.heroesofchaos.net/china

The full game of Heroes of Chaos: China is ready to go! Engross yourself in role-play as you enter the world of Ancient China, during the fall of the Han, when chaos prevailed and warlords reigned! What does HoC have to offer, you ask?

- A civil system where officers are not the currency of action. With the ability to assign actions based on a quantity fixed by the size of your kingdom and the rank of your ruler, no more are hordes of random NPCs necessary to fill out your KT! Only employ the officers you need! Further, the set-up is based around regions, not specific cities, meaning that, as your force grows larger, your workload does not grow in ratio. This is a system designed for both early and late game scenarios!
- A personal turn system designed to reward balanced efforts, meaning that you will find more to do than to train stats and learn skills! To wit: bonding has built-in rewards (bonuses to certain tactic success rates in battle as well as tutor events), patrols offer up fame which allows a character to grow in different ways, and resource gathering, which is crucial for item creation.
- A battle system designed to embrace multiple fronts, with the importance of any particular battle diminished somewhat through troop recovery (injured and the like) as well as employing mechanics that help to prevent any one side from being massively outnumbered in any single battle. Battle tactics are simplified in a manner that allows much of the planning to be done before the forces are even posted, while even then, the basic format is set up in a way to get to the point very quickly.
- A storyline that encourages role-play between the various rulers and GMNPC rulers. Diplomacy may not prove to be the largest factor in eventual victory, but it can make up for many shortcomings and undo the natural advantages (such as large officer corps) of your enemies.
- A dueling system designed around heavy tactic interaction, allowing for the same bout to be fought over and over with great potential for a different result without trending towards complete randomness.
- A dedication to running yearly (in-game time, meaning every 4 game turns or so) events, which can consist of various tournaments, quests, and the like. Events are often the Duke Nukem Sequel of sims (always wanted, always in progress, then it eventually comes and everybody is disappointed)... not here!
- A sense of urgency when it comes to game speed. Are you tired of waiting for your battle to be run for days while staff are sitting in IRC idling? Heroes of Chaos has a [url=http://xiangzhuang.webs.com/simturnlengthanalysis.html]past and more recent history[/url] of consistent turns run at a brisk pace, yet being flexible enough to meet the needs of players who may find issue with any particular deadline.

The game starts in 193, shortly after the death of Dong Zhuo. The map does not look like it would have in history, however; events have unfolded differently due to the survival of Liu Bian, who escaped from Dong Zhuo before he could have him murdered.

Ruler sign-ups are now open! 18 individuals will be selected to be a ruler from those who have submitted applications. There is a twist to these sign-ups: players are allowed to play as a historical ruler or a fictional one in their place! Sign-ups will close April 9th at 9 PM EST; about one week from today!

Waiting for another game? There's no need to choose between the two. Try us and see how it fits. Sign up now and be a part of the resurrection of one of the biggest franchises in the sim community!

Still not sure? Watch the exciting trailer! http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/14325645/heroes-of-chaos-returns